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The intent of the seminar is to maximize your trading personality with an approach tailor made to you. We will cover a business trading plan construction and will provide completed examples from myself and other students in your seminar manual.


1. How many days is the seminar? The seminar is a four-day format. Each day has 4 individual sessions of approximately 1-½ hours in length with each session having a specific topic covered. 2. What topics are covered? There are many different topics discussed during the four days such as a trading business plan, the Cook Cumulative Tick formula, daily trading ritual, specific setups peculiar solely to our indicators, and in-depth determinations of your trading personality and how to utilize that to its fullest.

3. Does Mark do real time trading? The last two days are dedicated to watching specific trades being implemented and managed. We encourage all participants to mimic our trades to get the feel of how invested money can be maximized on the profits and minimized on the risk.

4. How do I prepare for the seminar? We want each individual to come with an open mind as a paramount approach to learning. We will show only specifics that we do in trading that are specific to our style. We do not use any other indicators or styles of other traders so this will be a unique experience.

5. What types of people attend your seminar? Basically there are three types that attend. First are those that want to first hand experience how a professional trader operates in his environment. This is to familiarize a young or inexperienced as to what is required to become a professional. Secondly, we have bleeders that have traded for a given amount of time and need adjustments to their approach to correct mistakes. These people are looking to be fixed and redirected in a path that will give them consistency in profitable trades. The third group are seasoned traders that want to implement some of our setups and utilize our Cook Cumulative Tick for increasing the bottom line.

6. Where is the seminar located? The seminar is held in the Cook trading facility. We are one of the very few people who allow people to visit first hand where Mr. Cook has traded for 20 years to experience the setting and view all of the equipment that he has utilized over the years. The intent of the seminar is to make you feel the ambiance of a trader’s environment down to his chair, desk and screens. We have found that this is a greater enhancement to learning than being taught in an impersonal hotel conference room like so many seminars are now conducted.

7. How many attend each seminar? We keep the size of the seminars small for individual attention. This size is 10-15 students so that each feels that all their questions will be answered and their specific needs addressed.

8. What materials are provided? Each seminar attendee receives a written manual. We also and encourage recording of the sessions in audio form.

9. What type of follow up do I receive after the seminar? We welcome individual emails with questions following the seminar. We also would like to receive updates on your progress on applying the strategies that you are taught. We also provide an advanced seminar for those that have already completed their first seminar with us.

10. Is there any opportunity for individual instruction following the seminar? We do offer individual mentoring on a one on one basis at our trading facility. You will trade with Mr. Cook and experience each and every trade that he executes over the course of a full week. This is intended to help you complete your individual business trading plan and to increase your winning percentage and profitability.