A trader for 34 years, Mark Cook operates from his family's 1870s farmhouse in East Sparta, Ohio. He manages his own accounts and offers an Advisory Service, Mark D. Cook's Trader Advisory that gives market timing recommendations on the stock market and bond market that is specifically dedicated to helping people become better traders. His own early trading years were difficult, but as he struggled for success he gained valuable experience and learned what makes and breaks a trader.


Mark developed the Cook Cumulative TickSM indicator and gained acclaim by winning the 1992 U.S. Investment Championship with an astounding 563.8% return. The competition was a real money competition where every month traders were required to submit statements to verify trades. At the end of the year the total rate of return was calculated to determine the winner. He has written numerous articles for industry publications including Futures magazine, Financial Trader and Barrons, and was featured in Forbes magazine (January, 1994) and has been on the cover of Active Trader Magazine.  In addition to his trading activities, he conducts workshops and teaches traders from around the globe, helping them learn how to make the most of their natural talents.


Mark will provide you with a set of several daily trading rules which he has developed over a day-trading career spanning 34 years. Using these rules he will show you that trading is actually a composite of many ebbs and flows at different times of the day and that your potential success depends entirely upon your own ability and dedication.


He will share with you his personal strategies and techniques, including the Cook Cumulative TickSM, an overbought-oversold indicator he has spent 24 years developing which draws on correlations between the S&P 500, and T-Bonds. Finally, Mark will show you how you can adapt his tactics to your own personal trading style.


Mark Cook’s success has garnered him acclaim as the featured S&P trader in the best selling book “Stock Market Wizard” by jack Schwager. Mark has also been in 12 other books profiling his trading style and methodology.


His fame has grown to the extent he has toured China, Singapore and Australia, the only American speaker on those trading tours in 2007 and 2008. Mark’s goals are to have all his mentoring students become million dollar profitable traders in their careers. His motto is: Work hard and the trading will be profitable. Success is consistency and perseverance.