Yesterday finally saw a day where the minus tick showed up with numerous sell programs. The news yesterday was better than expected and it pushed prices to the 1060 level once again and failed. Once the market broke 1050 on the downside, the bears piled on the sell programs which registered a high minus tick of -1377. Could this signify capitulation? We will have to see as the news items this morning will be watched carefully. We also have Bernanke speaking which will add additional volatility to this market. The daily CCT finally got relief albeit a small one with a total of -14 instances of minus tick or sell programs which brings our total to 173 for the short term. Be careful today as risk is difficult to handicap. I will be addressing these issues in more detail in my advisory service, if you would like information on how to sign up for the advisory please contact the office at 330.484.0331 and ask for Jill.