Window dressing?

We are into the last two days of the trading month and we will see if there is any window dressing done by the big boys. All of the pieces are in place for the bulls to push higher as Ben Bernanke masterfully crafted his words on Friday to ease fears and propel the bulls once again. We closed above 1060 on the S&P futures which signifies a close above a key plateau, this along with the end of the month should give the bulls the motivation to push higher. It also shows that the reversal from the lows of 1037 which held twice was genuine. The daily CCT was active on Friday as it registered +39 on the TICK buy programs bring our total to +212 for the short term indicator. This is very close to the high for 2010! We all know what happened after that, but remember the timing is very difficult to pinpoint as we rallied another 45 points back in April before the overbought condition was corrected.