Button pushers who rhyme with "Ted"

Yesterday's trend up day saw heavy buy programs as the button pushers would not let up all day. It is very rare to see the market move up in the fashion that it did yesterday. There was absolutely no ebb and flow and if you got caught stepping in front of the freight train then you got killed as traders were not able to get out of positions due to being underwater from the get go. I am very suspicious of the move yesterday as the FOMC meeting announcement is today and maybe there will be some news that will knock this market back to reality, it will be very interesting to watch what happens to determine who that was in the market yesterday? I can tell you that I think they rhyme with "Ted".  My daily Cook Cumulative tick indicator is at the high of 2010 with a reading of +240 which is getting extremely overbought for the short term and we should see some type of correction in the near future in order for this market to regain its health.