End of quarter

Today marks the end of the quarter and we should see some good movements in both directions to close it out. We also have a lot of important news items today to digest so this could provide for better volatility and volume. This has been quite a September to remember as the seasonality influences that are usually present in the market have not been see this year at all. This has been the best September for the stock market since 1937! Given the state of the economies around the world, this is shocking and makes you wonder how this is possible?  Technically the uptrend is still intact, but the overbought condition has been wearing on this market as all rallies up to the 1145-1150 area seem to abort. We need to see this market close above 1150 to get the bulls running and if we do not then you could see this market close below 1100 which would potentially open the trap door and turn all indicators bearish. Be quick today as the moves could be dynamic given the environment.