Bernanke Versus The World

        I will editorialize on this special advisory. The world clearly has a firm chasm between global perception by other capitalistic economies and Bernanke's cavalier approach to the U.S. economy. Clearly, Mr. B. has no fear or respect for inflation. I have studied Fed chiefs for over 30 years as I am very inquisitive of personalities of powerful figures. It would be very interesting to have Paul Volker and Ben Bernanke in a private room mono-a-mono. These two approach the Fed chief's role from 180 degrees different directions.           Volker felt the Fed's role was to fight inflation and encourage capitalism to work. Bernanke feels his role is to ignore inflation and intervene socialistically to create artificially unstable environments. Both approaches have their pros and cons. Volker orchestrated one of the strongest economies the U.S. has had in the last 30 years. Bernanke has been at the Fed helm during the greatest crisis in the last 70 years.

          Personality is at the core of this power move by Bernanke. The only time window he views is the short term, the here and now. This is clearly the American mindset of Joe Average citizen in today's society. Spend today, pay the bill tomorrow or not at all. Bernanke has been very cognizant of what he can do and sidestep the reins or shackles of Congress.

          Bernanke has a very stubborn nature. The more he is questioned the more stubborn resolve he possesses. This will always put a person behind the curve. He will not go into a neutral state of tempering the QE2 or his monetary policy quick enough. That would require him to eat crow. His nature prohibits him from acknowledging humility, let alone the remote possibility his approach has long term devastating effects.

          The international financial community has ostracized the U.S. They are and will make an island out of the U.S. economy. The longer Bernanke's ego is allowed to govern his decision making, the longer our economy will remain in peril.

          Pay close attention to how the European Community's economies respond over the next year as they will be a direct opposite of the U. S.

          Won't some entity, A.K.A. Congress, introduce a new word to Bernanke and explain its meaning? That word is inflation. Americans will ponder this as they pay $4.00 for gasoline, guess Bernanke does not buy gasoline but instead has a full tank of ego.