Emotional Trading: Immediately After a Loss

Anyone who has traded knows emotions can influence greatly. Especially when you are down in the red. It can overcome logic quickly and freeze you up.  How does one deal with them? Well, first, I can certainly tell you what not to do. Do not go click the mouse immediately as your emotional outlet. In my experience it has only lost me more, leaving me destitute. Accept the loss and move on. It is what it is. Making money trading takes time. Getting it back can too. A trader who has just lost on a trade wants their hard earned money back instantly. I know I certainly do. However, subsequent to a loss (especially a large one) a trader is emotionally compromised and should not make any decisions at that point in time. Take a breather. Go clear your head. Physically moving around will help change your psychological state. I have weights nearby that I’ll lift in my office on occasion. They help provide release. Remember it is only a break; a temporarily leave of absence. Don’t quit. Logically, I know I have to saddle up and get back on that horse soon. Some of my most profitable trading days happen when I first lose in the morning. Continuing to follow my methods is paramount. In the long run I will profit! All traders have off days. Pro traders don’t let those days end their career.