Arrogance: An Appetite for Destruction

Occasionally, throughout the years I would string together numerous profitable days, making me feel ecstatic and invincible. Confidence is through the roof! However, once I cross that fine line and become arrogant it always comes back to get me.  In these cases, my stellar trading performance will end sooner rather than later. Financial markets have a way of instilling us with humility once again. I am a Christian. I truly believe that my faith is a major part of my trading survival. It helps me keep a realistic perception and ego in check. When arrogance blinds me, I start thinking I am a trading god or superman and begin slacking. My newfound arrogance seems to be accompanied by carelessness and delirium.  The downfall isn’t far behind. Furthermore, I can recall similar situations of excessive self-regard after excelling at sports when I was young. An arrogant attitude was eventually destructive back then too. I do not consider myself an arrogant person, but the market bestows traders with a broad-spectrum of thoughts, feelings and experiences. I have accumulated many, good and bad over the years. “Pride goeth before destruction as a haughty spirit before a fall. “ Proverbs: 16:8. Stay optimistic. Keep a healthy dose of self-confidence that you will succeed overtime, not every time.