What's your Trading Personality?

There are either innies or outties and no, I am not talking about belly buttons. I keep it pretty simple when deciphering a person’s trading personality. It doesn’t take me very long to tell a person’s type after watching them trade. Many times I can pinpoint it at a seminar and especially during mentoring sessions. Innies are traders who can’t get enough of the action and always want to be in the market. If they are not actively trading, they think they’re missing out. They are real scalp traders--quick to get in and quick to get out. They’re winning percentages are lower, but they handle loss control pretty well. Outties would rather stay on the sidelines until the opportunity presents itself. Typically, they have higher winning percentages, but have trouble letting go of that bad trade early enough. They probably are more likely to be a pack rat or hold on to a destructive relationship in their lives. I am an outtie. Neither is better than the other. It serves you well to know what you are though. Several of my trading friends are innies and they do just fine. It took me several years until I discovered what I am based on my tendencies.  And it never seemed to change.  This fundamental increase in self-awareness really helped out my trading.