Trading Seminar

Thank you to all of you who showed interest in the upcoming trading seminar. A big thanks to those of you who will soon be present for the 4-day colloquium to polish up your trading skills. I can assure you it will be a unique experience. Several people are making the journey from foreign countries to attend. I admire their drive and motivation for trading. One of the biggest S&P traders I know of is coming too. People from different backgrounds, ages and net worth are making up the diverse group. I really like the small close-knit groups because everyone gets a chance to rub elbows with several other traders and can learn from each other, not just me, which should enrich the overall experience. I recommend tapping each other’s minds to see how to position your trading style with others that are as passionate as you are. Never overlook the fundamentals. Business trading-plan construction with examples of mine and other students are in the seminar manual. Daily ritual regimen will be covered as well. It will acquaint you with advantageous information for improving your day trading by refining the mechanics of trading. Both the trading-plan and daily ritual coordinate a lexicon for trading success. Moreover, the Cook Cumulative Tick (CCT) indicator will be discussed and utilized. Marketing, strategies, options and bond futures constituting swing trading are taught in detail too.

Furthermore, unlike most trading seminars, I always provide real time trading and encourage the group to mimic my trades the final 2 days.  It could defray some of the seminar cost. Q&A is a vital portion for the all-around experience. I am looking forward to personally chatting with each attendee. I enjoy having my brain picked. These seminars actually help out my trading too. It’s refreshing for me, as there is so much information on trading to keep in mind.  However, it can easily be forgotten, so I ask that each session is voice recorded. It is surprising how much more is learned later on, just by listening once again. This goes for aspiring traders and veterans alike. It is a recurring learning experience and unlike any other.