"Stock Market Wizard" Trading Seminar




AUGUST 12, 13, 14 AND 15



It is my extreme pleasure to invite you to our August trading seminar. We limit the availability to 10people and we are sending this invitation in hopes that you will become one of those who take advantage of being one of those first 10 to respond positively. We offer the seminar at my trading facility. It is a four day seminar that will be held August 12, 13, 14 , and 15, 2013.


We will cover a business trading plan construction and will provide completed examples of myself and other students in your seminar manual. We will help you with a daily ritual regimenthat will acquaint you with the necessary facts to give you an advantage for your day trading. I will cover my Cook Cumulative Tick indicator which will give you an edge for long term positioning. We will also cover marketing, strategies, options and bond futures that constitute swing trading. You will also have the opportunity to participate in my real time trading. The last 2 days of the seminar is live trading.  I extend an invitation that you can mimic my trades and hopefully they will defray some of the costs of the seminar if not all. I will personally chatwith each and every one of the people before they come to the seminar as a preparatory of what to expect. I will also answer any and all questions that you may have so this can be a learning experience like none you have ever participated in previously.


Please respond as soon as possible as we anticipate the 10 spots to be filled almost immediately. You may contact the office at 330-484-0331 or email at cooktrading@yahoo.com. I will then set up a personal phone time that I can chat with you regarding this seminar. I am thanking youin advance for the opportunity to share my 30 yearsof trading experience with you.





Mark D Cook