Market Predictions on Varney & Co

For those of you who watch Fox Business and are familiar with Varney & Co here was my segment on August 14th.

The lows yesterday registered a 200 point pullback from the highs registered on Sept. 19 at 2014. 50. The NASDAQ recorded a full 10% pullback with yesterday's action. Therefore we are seeing that there is some reality back into market turned bearish and do not forget that. Until we register a -1400 Tick or greater consider those short term bottoms.

Environment Change

I have had a lot of success with selling or buying +/- 1000 Ticks. That was my most reliable entry point over the years. Over the last year they have not been very reliable as the Market has been controlled and not allowed to trade normally. The last couple weeks however, have been acting more normal and the 1000 Ticks have been working once again. Our advisory not only recommends trades it describes environments to trade in. Here is our morning advisory on Monday, October 6th, which did just that.

Oct 6, 2014

Aug. 13th Afternoon Advisory Excerpt

The Advisory is composed of 3 sections, the Short Term, Intermediate Term and Interest Rate Outlook. We frequently provide advisory trade parameters on our advisory. Here is an example of the Wednesday trade that was achieved.

Once again if you are interested please contact us and check out the Advisory Service Button for more details.

*Please note that past performances do NOT indicate future.