The advisory is an educational piece to teach both short term and intermediate term trading setups. It is intended to acquaint you to both the stock market and bond market. We emphasize our proprietary indicator which is our Cook Cumulative Tick for the setups reaching a probability expectation of greater than 75% winning trades or we do not give a recommendation*. The overall tone and context of each advisory is intended to acquaint you with an opportunity to make money while explaining the rationale of the setup. The advisory has been in circulation for 16 years. The trades are a mimic of our overall daily viewpoints of strategies that we employ for our own personal trading accounts.


The advisory is a twice-daily format. The individual issues are released at 8am est. and 3 pm EST. The format of the advisory is a one page written forecast in the morning and a one page written synopsis in the afternoon. The advisory has a short-term section for day trading an intermediate section for positioning stock, ETF, and funds and a section on interest rate outlooks and specific bond price movements.


*The intent of the information provided is to make you more aware of the risks associated with various forms of trading – Please be advised that trading involves substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for everyone.  Past performance is not indicative of future results