A professional trader needs to have high aspirations. A professional trader needs to realize it is the best career there is. A professional trader needs to realize that this career of professional trading offers 3 freedoms:

- The first freedom is financial independence.

- The second freedom is location independence.

- The third freedom is boss independence.

Would you like a career that has infinite income potential, you can live in any location of your choice, and be your own boss?

To do this you must be trained to reach maximum efficiency! Too many people think they can immediately trade successfully. That is the worst mistake made! The professional trader needs to be educated like any other job. Trading will pay more if you are trained properly and realize the "do's" and "don'ts" in working the career.

I have been trading for 40 years. I have been called a Stock Market Wizard by Jack Schwager and included in his Stock Market Wizard book of the same name. It is possible to make more money trading than your current job. It is possible to have a high winning percentage as profiled in the Stock Market Wizard book.

However, you need to learn discipline, reality, tenacity, proper work ethics and a motivation to be a winner. You don't make a considerable sum of money by not working hard and working smart.

I offer a one on one mentor-ship that can train you to be a master. You will learn the lessons of my 40 years of pursuit to master a craft.

I fervently believe that with detailed correct instruction you can achieve the independence you have been striving for. If you wish to commit to success, it must be done with a plan and direction. 


I had the great opportunity of spending 4 days with Mark Cook. It was phenomenal!  He is truly a master trader and consummate professional, who also has the rare ability to teach what he knows. He will tell you what you need to hear, (not necessarily what you want to hear), to succeed in the extremely challenging task of trading.

I feel that he has given me areas I need to focus on in order to succeed and learn how to be profitable. He is really down to earth and truly loves what he does and I believe he truly cares for the people he tries to help.

Whether you are just starting out and need a path to succeed, or you have several years of experience, you owe it to yourself to learn from Mark.
-Scott M.


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